Online Programmes

Online Programmes

Young Champs @ Home

It is important to keep the Body, Mind and Soul in a relaxed manner for the child’s holistic development. With Young Champs @ Your Home, we give your child the best at-home experience with our month long Fitness, Dance, Storytelling, Puzzle Solving and Creativity sessions.

The classes are held 6 days a week, with a different session on each day. The sessions are curated in a way to make sure that children learn while having fun.

Enrol now and join us in this exciting learning experience, which is definitely a breakthrough!

Days: Monday – Saturday

Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Ages: 5 years – 9 years


Virtual Birthday Parties

At iSpark, we want to ensure that children are able to celebrate their birthday with the same enthusiasm and grandeur despite the pandemic and hence, we bring to you the concept of Virtual Birthday Parties! Virtual Birthday Parties by iSpark are specifically curated and tailored according to the child’s need.

You start by choosing your preferred date and time. Next you select a theme from our child-friendly options, followed by an activity such as Dance, Storytelling, Creativity, Fireless Cooking etc to go with the theme. You can also opt to order a delicious healthy homemade cake!

Once you have told us your requirements, we shall curate a special Happy Birthday Box, with theme specific items and deliver it at your doorstep. The party will be conducted over zoom.

Open to all ages

The Sparkling Stars Happiness Kit

The Sparkling Stars Happiness Kit which is delivered to your doorstep, is crafted to cultivate young minds through four weekly modules. The activities in the kit use a holistic curriculum to blend imaginative play with elements of Montessori education.

It involves activities and games like Picture Reading, Bingo, simple Math activities through number cards and Painting that help with cognitive learning, language development and improving motor skills.

This home-schooling kit aims to make learning simple.

Days: Monday – Saturday

Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Ages: 2 years – 4 years


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