Why Summer Camps are Great for Children
Summer camps have become an essential part of children’s life these days, who are often reeling from school and tuitions. They are a much-needed breather in the middle of an academic year where adventure, creativity, celebrations, exploring, and plain old ‘fun’ are a priority. Summer vacations are incomplete without summer camps and here are some reasons why they are great for children.

Building social skills

Summer camps teach children important social skills such as communication, working together as a team, leadership, etc. These traits are developed by undertaking responsibilities that require the sharing of resources and demands focus, fosters teamwork and ignites the participation spirit.

Learning new skills

Summer camps introduce children to new activities and experiences that they may not be familiar with. Dancercise, Happiness Skills, Gardening, Fireless Cooking, Leadership & Language Skills offers opportunities for children to discover new hobbies and passions.

Developing confidence

New skills and talents picked up from summer camps can be a huge confidence booster. Children feel a greater sense of self-worth and attain a positive attitude by learning new things and as a result, feel accomplished. According to the Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, more than 67% of campers surveyed felt more confident by the end of their summer camp session.

Improving family dynamics

Summer camps benefit not only children but parents too. When the children are away, the parents too, spend some well-deserved “me” time. Besides, the children get to make new friends and experience a new environment, which makes it refreshing for them.   For parents who are constantly supervising and monitoring, and then worrying that the summers will mean just TV and smartphones, relax! An exciting summer camp that is designed not only for creative fitness but also physical and social fitness is waiting for your children. This summer isn’t going to be just about the sun, but a ‘Sun-Sational Summer Camp’.   Register today and let your children have fun at iSpark’s Sun-Sational Summer! Log on to www.summercampinchennai.com

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