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Team Members


Being the youngest of the lot, he is the so-called ‘Enthu Cutlet’ in the Team. His never-ending smile attracts the young minds towards him. Bubbling with ideas and making sure that execution does not bat an eyelid, is his role in this burgeoning world of iSpark ?


Sana is always in pursuit of happiness, living with love, grace and gratitude. What sets Sana apart is her passion for teaching and her love of being with children. She does it with humility, grace, poise and she really exemplifies leading by example.


Nithya is a dedicated, resourceful and a goal-driven professional educator with an experience of 8 years in the field of teaching. As the Business Development Head at iSpark, she interacts with parents, collaborators and the children to provide a seamless experience. A certified TESOL instructor, she is also a person who encourages creativity and a high order of thinking.


Exercise is ‘King,’ Nutrition is ‘Queen.’ Put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom. Trying to establish this ‘Little Kingdom’ for children at iSpark ? is her role as a Nutritionist. She is a registered Dietitian with an MPhil Degree in Counseling and Masters in Psychology. She has 20+ years of experience in Nutrition and Diet Counseling.


As the Marketing Executive his role is to work along side the Business Developer & to help create a healthy marriage between the finance and marketing departments. His dedicated efforts protects the business from any discernment and even when clouds cover iSpark with darkness, he’s sure to strike a deal or two!.


Sangeetha as our Admin-coordinator helps in smooth transactions of commercial processes, documentation and also acts as a strong bridge between the Management & the Staff.


A person who loves to achieve her goals faster than ever, this young Techie at iSpark dreams to explore the unexplored. With focus and a vision large enough in her eyes, this B.Tech graduate aims to give her BEST and a little more, in whatever she does.

Preethi H

A well-experienced physiotherapist with established knowledge in handling patients according to their ailments and also their psychology, Preethi has achieved awards for her work in the field of orthopedics & neurology. Currently she organizes Physiotherapy regimes for the children at iSpark in congruence with the goals of the fitness trainer.

Ramani Bai

Ramani Bai

‘Happy-go-lucky’ is the best definition that one can give to Ramani. She has work experience of over 23 years and defines herself as a strong valued and hardworking woman. Be it events, customer interactions, playing with children or teaching them, you will always see her giving her best and making the experience a joyful one!

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