Sparkling Stars

Sparkling Stars (Pre-School Programme)

Are you looking for a program where your young child can sparkle with laughter, ideas, and fun? Where he or she can grow holistically – body, mind, and soul – to become a kind, creative, and confident person? Then Sparkling Stars, the pre-school program launched by iSpark, is the place for you!

How are we different?

  • Play and Activity based learning
  • Theme based Activities
  • Holistic Curriculum based on Body, Mind and Soul
  • Passionate Faculty and Staff
  • Safe, Happy and Hygienic Environment
  • Transportation facilities and Wholesome Nutritious Food (On Demand)

Our program:

At iSpark, we firmly believe that young children learn best through play, so our curriculum is designed to be play-based. Our curriculum emphasizes our core values and life skills. Through play, stories, and fun activities, children will also build their language skills and be introduced to mathematical concepts such as numbers and shapes.

Structure of a Sparkling Star’s day:

We begin and end with circle time which includes:

  • Songs (welcome song, songs related to our theme of the week, good-bye song)
  • Activities that encourage children to speak and share about a particular topic related to the theme of the week
  • A story centered around the theme of the week

We let our children engage actively with our play centers, which are designed to help them develop valuable skills:

  • The Art Center: Through painting, play-doh, drawing, and craft activities, our children develop their fine motor skills, their creativity, and their understanding of shapes, textures, and colors.
  • The Building Center: Through play with blocks, legos, recycled materials, and puzzles, our children develop their fine motor skills, their visual-spatial skills, their understanding of key mathematical concepts such as shapes, sizes, numbers, and quantity. Children can also use their own imagination to create a wide range of structures that they can then play with – they’ll be developing their own creativity as they play!
  • The Imaginative Play Center: Through imaginary play, children will develop their language skills, their social skills, and their own imagination. They can dress up as wizards and magicians, cook up food in the kitchen, create a puppet show, or set up their own toy zoo – at iSpark, anything is possible!
  • The Reading Corner: In this wonderful, comfy space, children can engage with a range of books and pictures to develop their love of reading, their visual skills, and their language skills.

While we encourage our children to play freely, our teacher-facilitators will be around to talk with students and help them as they learn through play!

What do we value?

  • At iSpark, we value kindness and compassion to all. We are an inclusive pre-school/enrichment center, and we strive to teach children to live in harmony with each other. We welcome children from all different religious and cultural backgrounds, and we share stories and traditions from all faiths to help children understand the shared human values of kindness, empathy, friendship, and peace.
  • At iSpark, we value holistic and joyful child development. We believe in nurturing a child’s body, mind, and soul to help them grow into healthy and happy people. Our curriculum focuses on all aspects of a child’s development – we include lots of movement, active play, music, art, stories, life skills, and fun in our daily schedule.
  • At iSpark, we value creativity and confidence. We believe that all children should be able to express themselves freely without fear, and we believe that they should be given the space and time to play creatively and imaginatively. Through stories, conversations, art and play, we nurture a child’s sense of confidence and creativity.


My daughter waits eagerly for every Thursday as then is when she has the session of Miraaya WoW 3L’s at iSpark. This speaks of the love that she has developed for iSpark!”



A place where your mind and soul is active with activities”

Sri Devi


iSpark is a truly Holistic place. I celebrated my sons birthday there…wow…super ambience!…clean!…competent! and friendly staff!…all together AMAZING time. I think it is first of its kind in Chennai and that also in the heart if the city…A must try”

Anjali Dugar


iSpark is the best! There are lots of activities and games…It’s a very beautiful place!



After joining iSpark, I started becoming more fit, which also helped me play many sports in school. The exercises in the gym are made fun using games and I love it!



Very active Team! The people are friendly, flexible, helpful and open minded…You guys have to rock it!!



iSpark provides a very nice platform for children. Today, I have seen lots of good changes in my son. He enjoys
and he is ever happy. Thank you so much!



The fact that iSpark enforces fitness and creates an awareness of the same in children is excellent. My daughter enjoys here all the time!


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