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Are you looking for a program where your child can be happy, sparkle with success and have fun simultaneously? Where he or she can grow holistically – body, mind, and soul – to become a kind, creative, and confident person? Then Young Champs, the after-school program by iSpark, is the perfect choice for you! Our main aim is to mould children into striking personalities, imbibing in them the values and life skills which will strengthen them to face the challenges of the future.

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Activities such as Physical Fitness, Dance, Yoga, Reading, Life, Language & Leadership skills, Public Speaking and many more to help them express themselves and to explore the environment would be initiated. The children would be exposed to values, self-esteem and perseverance, which will help them to strengthen their roots. The tangible growth of our Young Champs would be tapped and presented in the form of a Holistic Report at the end of each quarter to the parents. The mission of iSpark is to ignite Sparks of Happiness and hence in each programme, happiness would be the core!

What do we value?

  • At iSpark, we value kindness and compassion to all. We are an inclusive after-school/enrichment center, and we strive to teach children to live in harmony with each other. We welcome children from all different religious and cultural backgrounds, and we share stories and traditions from all faiths to help children understand the shared human values of kindness, empathy, friendship, and peace.
  • At iSpark, we value holistic and joyful child development. We believe in nurturing a child’s body, mind, and soul to help them grow into healthy and happy people. Our curriculum focuses on all aspects of a child’s development – we include lots of movement, active play, music, art, stories, life skills, creativity and fun in our daily schedule.
  • At iSpark, we value creativity and confidence. We believe that all children should be able to express themselves freely without fear, and we believe that they should be given the space and time to play creatively and imaginatively. Through stories, conversations, art and play, we nurture a child’s sense of confidence and creativity.

How are we different?

  • Skill specific and experiential learning.
  • Theme based activities.
  • Holistic Curriculum based on Body, Mind & Soul.
  • Inclusive Study Time.
  • Passionate Faculty and Staff.
  • Safe, Happy and Hygienic Environment.
  • Transportation Facilities and Wholesome Nutritious Food (On Demand)

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