Book Reading


Isn’t life coming around in a full circle? It is indeed time to move our children back from Digital to Paper! The Malgudi Days, Amar Chitra Katha, and Jungle Book, we surely don’t want these epics to fade away with time…

Cultivate the art of listening, observing, reading through the Touch ‘n’ Feel concept of flipping the pages of a book. Let’s get back to the roots and feel the touch & smell of paper.

Facts state that 65% of the children who are into reading books are more effective communicators.

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Book Reading Programme has a direct or indirect impact on any of the following parameters in the long run:

  • Kindles the Creative & Imaginative side
  • Improves Vocabulary & Memory
  • Helps gain Knowledge and Widens Perspective
  • Improves Focus and Concentration
  • Develops Oral & Written Skills
  • Technological Detox


My daughter waits eagerly for every Thursday as then is when she has the session of Miraaya WoW 3L’s at iSpark. This speaks of the love that she has developed for iSpark!”



A place where your mind and soul is active with activities”

Sri Devi


iSpark is a truly Holistic place. I celebrated my sons birthday there…wow…super ambience!…clean!…competent! and friendly staff!…all together AMAZING time. I think it is first of its kind in Chennai and that also in the heart if the city…A must try”

Anjali Dugar


iSpark is the best! There are lots of activities and games…It’s a very beautiful place!



After joining iSpark, I started becoming more fit, which also helped me play many sports in school. The exercises in the gym are made fun using games and I love it!



Very active Team! The people are friendly, flexible, helpful and open minded…You guys have to rock it!!



iSpark provides a very nice platform for children. Today, I have seen lots of good changes in my son. He enjoys
and he is ever happy. Thank you so much!



The fact that iSpark enforces fitness and creates an awareness of the same in children is excellent. My daughter enjoys here all the time!


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